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Velvet pillow, throw pillow, decorative pillow, pillow cover, toss pillow, couch pillow.



The finishing touch for your home should not be ugly pillows! Think about it, you've spent hard-earned cash, brain-power, and tons of can-never-get-it-back time perusing Pinterest to make your space look perfect. That's just not right to top off your perfect look with "meh" pillows that are just "okay"!

So we've solved the problem for you: all of Acorn Pillows are fabulous and faaarrr from "meh." We have a broad selection to finish off all kinds of styles and spaces. And when you order your pillows, they arrive rolled up (yes! rolled up! bye-bye nasty creases ain't nobody got time to iron) in all recycled packaging (that we encourage you to recycle again!). All you have to do is unroll, stuff, fluff, and drop. BAM! Your space is now complete with beautiful Acorn Pillows.